Amidst a backdrop of vibrant azaleas, Lee Boeun stumbles upon a shy stray cat, christening it Dallae. Serendipitously, on that very day, Boeun crosses paths with Kang Seyoung, captivated by her mesmerizing beauty. Seyoung's intelligence and athleticism quickly capture hearts, leaving Boeun tongue-tied in admiration. Despite her silent admiration, Boeun keenly observes Seyoung's charming yet mischievous nature from afar. Throughout the years, Dallae becomes Boeun's trusted confidant, privy to every secret and fleeting emotion. Boeun finds solace in dreaming of Seyoung's gentle touches and whispered words, resigned to this bittersweet connection. A twist of fate presents Boeun with a new opportunity to approach Seyoung, unveiling a revelation that Seyoung might have been closer all along, unbeknownst to Boeun.

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