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Namae mo Shiranai Machiawase

Namae mo Shiranai Machiawase

comedy · hentai · romance

1. Namae mo Shiranai Machiawase Within the two seconds of us locking eyes, I see the invite and follow suit. There are many stories of one-night stands, but doing it in the bathroom at the station to my workplace? That’s a new one. And even when I’ve got a policy to never do the same guy twice, but I just couldn’t forget him. Then I meet him again exactly a week later, same place, same time. And we do it in the bathroom again!! 2. Machiawase no Sono Ato de 3. Mars no Shinzou no Hitosukui 4. Ijiwaru na Ko hodo Ijimetai 5. Mawarimichi shite Ano Ko no Tobira 6. Tokete Mazatte Natsu no Niwa 7. Machiawase no Sono Saki de

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