Heterogenia Linguistico: Ishuzoku Gengogaku Nyuumon

Heterogenia Linguistico: Ishuzoku Gengogaku Nyuumon

adventurefantasyslice of life

Hakaba, a budding field linguist with a fascination for monster communication, steps into action when his professor is incapacitated in a hot-air balloon mishap. Tasked with continuing his mentor's work, Hakaba delves into the Netherworld where he encounters Susuki, a unique being of werewolf and human descent. Together, they embark on a quest to explore the mysterious Cave of Goblins. In Heterogenia Linguistic: Ishuzoku Gengogaku Nyuumon, join Hakaba and Susuki on their journey through the Netherworld, meticulously documenting the languages and traditions of its diverse inhabitants.

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