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Oku-sama wa α

Oku-sama wa α


Two alpha husbands, in a world where anyone can get pregnant. Marriages between those of the same type are common in order to prevent bloodlines getting too mixed up, but even among alphas, there's still someone who is top dog. And where there's a top, there's a bottom... The venerable Tachigami family is at risk of bankruptcy and falling apart, but are saved by marriage talks with the newly-risen Isaka family. The Tachigamis want support, and the Isakas want the power in a name... For better or worse, Takaomi and Kazumasa are to be wed. And how lucky they are, because love blossoms between the two of them. Just as you would think everything is going great, though, it's back to the unforgettable problem... They both like to be on top!

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