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Omae no Koi wa Ore no Mono

Omae no Koi wa Ore no Mono


Tsubaki Mochizuki is the captain of the school judo club and an omega. Every day, Tsubaki clashes with alpha karate club captain, Ruuji Ishio, and violent arguments break out in the small gym their coordinator forces the two to share. After one of these fights goes too far, the two are issued a joint punishment, and alone together, Ishio issues Mochizuki a warning. In this world of subgenders, an omega's pheromones make them vulnerable to the sexual desires of an alpha, and Ishio feels that Mochizuki is not being careful enough. Along with these words of caution, Ishio makes a startling confession: he has always looked at his fellow captain through the eyes of an alpha and holds a deep attraction toward him. Despite Mochizuki's protests, Ishio demands that he stay far away from him. Offended and carrying the impression that Ishio is simply looking down on him, Mochizuki plots the best way to teach the arrogant alpha a lesson. All it takes for inspiration to strike is an awkward encounter in the gym's locker room—and Ishio's very telling reaction to Mochizuki's bare skin. Choosing to take the route of sexual harassment, the judo captain is determined to make Ishio squirm, completely unaware of the truth behind the alpha's words. His attraction is genuine, and there are dangerous alphas—but Ishio may not be one of them—as there are far greater threats to Mochizuki.

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