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Succubus Stayed Life

Succubus Stayed Life


1. Succubus Stayed Life (サキュバステードライフ); Comic Market 87 Matsukawa lived the life of a typical high schooler until a certain Touko Sakuramachi forcibly cohabited with him out of the blue. As it turns out, she was a succubus, and as all relationships with these creatures go, it’s semen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 2. Succubus Stayed Life 2 (サキュバステードライフ2); Comic Market 88 Matsukawa’s cohabitation with Sakuramachi continues, often leading them down more adventurous acts of copulation during school hours or with all sorts of costumes and sex paraphernalia… 3. Succubus Stayed Life 3 (サキュバステードライフ3); Comic Market 89 A bespectacled girl named Akizono, who turns out to be another succubus,visits Matsukawa and ends up having sex with him, only to wind up getting caught by both Sakuramachi and Yomisawa… 4. Succubus Stayed Life 4 (サキュバステードライフ4); Comic Market 90 Matsukawa and Yomisawa begin to get more comfortable with one another to the point that they have sex regularly. But when Sakuramachi goes sex-crazy during her supposed period of ovulation, Matsukawa swears that he senses a hint of affection from her for the first time. 5. Succubus Stayed Life 5 (サキュバステードライフ5); Comic Market 91 After finally getting a clubroom all to themselves, Matsukawa starts to spend some quality time alone with each of the girls. But when it comes to the clubroom and its activities, it’s pure orgy after orgy. With plans of summer camp coming up, looks like Matsukawa is gonna have to prepare himself — both physically and sexually — for what’s to come. 6. Succubus Stayed Life 6 (サキュバステードライフ6); Comic Market 92 Matsukawa’s grades have been falling as of late, and as such he and the girls decide to lie low for a bit in order to concentrate on their studies. As a result, the pent up sexual urges burble to the surface as the three girls find their own ways of sneaking in a quickie or two in the most unlikely of places, save for Sakuramachi, who takes the demure route and serves as Matsukawa’s personal maid… or at least it appears so… 7. Succubus Stayed Life 7 (サキュバステードライフ7); Comic Market 93 Summer vacation has arrived and there's some time before the camp out. Time to take care of summer homework, time to sneak a few rounds of sex in at Yomisawa's house. At the library. Yomisawa and Sakuramachi even drag him off to a hotel for some quality time. With summer in full swing, the girls do everything they can to keep things heating up. 8. Succubus Stayed Life 8 (サキュバステードライフ8); Comic Market 94 Summer is here, and with it Comiket! Matsukawa and his harem of succubi take a trip to Tokyo so the girls can show off their cosplay. Before that though comes an all night succubus fuck fest at the hotel, complete with sling bikinis, cat keyhole bras, and sex videos! And to top off their trip, the succubi are of course yearning to have sex in their cosplay outfits, especially after getting all excited from being hit on by men all day! Matsukawa needs not to worry though, for these three girls are loyal only to him. 9. Succubus Stayed Life 9 (サキュバステードライフ9); Comic Market 95 Taking place immediately after their cosplay foursome, the girls continue to ravage Matsukawa with their insatiable libidos. Up to the very last minute of their stay, there's just no stopping the girls from having their way with him. 10. Succubus Stayed Life 10 (サキュバステードライフ10); Comic Market 97 Matsukawa spends the remaining days of his summer break having lots of sex with Akizono and Miosawa.

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