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Ilsangsaenghwal Ganeunghaseyo?

Ilsangsaenghwal Ganeunghaseyo?

comedydramahentairomanceslice of life

Shin Seyoung was not expecting her new roommate to be a man or that their first meeting would be her barging in on him masturbating. To make matters worse, the man happens to be Kang Jinwoo, Seyoung's new mentor. Despite both parties being mortified, they try their best to ignore the incident. Although she appears cute, clumsy, and clueless, Seyoung harbors an embarrassing secret: she is a pervert with a wild imagination. Unable to contain her excitement, Seyoung has an extreme addiction to masturbating—even in the most inappropriate situations. While this major inconvenience often causes her problems, the habit has not escaped Jinwoo's attention. As the two learn to work through the initial awkwardness, they discover that they might not be so different. With something more than just physical attraction blooming between them, the office never sees a dull day with Seyoung and Jinwoo around!

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