Owari no Seraph: Ichinose Guren, 16-sai no Catastrophe

Owari no Seraph: Ichinose Guren, 16-sai no Catastrophe


Centuries back, the Hiiragi Family birthed the influential Order of the Imperial Demons. Their splinter, the Ichinose Family, emerged five hundred years later, forming the rival Order of the Imperial Moon. To penalize the Ichinose defection, the Hiiragi enforced a harsh system targeting the next Ichinose leader at their controlled institution. Compliance leads sorcerer Guren Ichinose, a potential heir, to join First Shibuya High. Amidst adversaries, Guren conceals his true abilities, enduring classmates' assaults. Despite his discreet demeanor, he attracts the attention of Mahiru Hiiragi, his childhood friend and the Hiiragi Family's heiress. As whispers of impending turmoil spread, Guren craves strength, unaware of Mahiru's similar ambitions lurking in the shadows.

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