Rojika to Rakkasei

Rojika to Rakkasei

adventurecomedyfantasypsychologicalslice of life

In a peaceful rural setting, Rojica and Rakkasei enjoy a simple life filled with exploration of their fantastical world's creatures. With the guidance of their academic friend Isaac, they unravel the mysteries of ancient human relics and a long-lost civilization on their planet. Curious objects like a vinyl record and a twister mat pique their interest with enigmatic purposes. When not engaged in such pursuits, the duo delves into the enigmatic lives of their eccentric neighbors: the dungeon-crawling C3, the unsettling Mrs. Grace who unnerves Rakkasei, and the mysterious Mrs. Massu with her unseen husband. Amidst the unexpected unveiling of hidden truths and shadows lurking in their community, Rojica and Rakkasei find themselves in a perpetual cycle of adventure and discovery.

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