Koushin Koinu ni Koibumi wo

Koushin Koinu ni Koibumi wo


Shinobu Indou, hailing from a humble background, celebrates her admission to an esteemed all-girls military school. During her quest to find the campus, she encounters two seniors, Fujino Kagami and Koto Ooba. While Kagami critiques Indou's appearance, Ooba extends a warm invitation to a nearby bathhouse. Post their bath, Ooba is astounded by Indou's hidden beauty. On the school's inaugural day, Indou becomes the center of attention, notably for Kagami, her group's overseer. Despite Kagami's initial sternness, she surprises Indou with a tender forehead kiss in private, rendering Indou speechless. As Indou adapts to academy life, she grapples with decoding Kagami's abrupt shift in demeanor.

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