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Yumemiru Otome

Yumemiru Otome


Dreamy maidens succumbing to a dark reality! Mizuki Miyama is a picture-perfect student and school idol at Seihou Girls Academy. As student council president, she makes sure everyone in the student body is kept safe, especially her naïve sister, Manaka. Mizuki is shocked though when she learns her sister's after-school activities involve sextra credit with her teacher and his friends! She'll do anything to protect her sister's secret, even if it includes sleeping with the campus sleazebag gym teacher! Dreaming Maiden is the newest twisted dark affair from NTR masters, Aiue Oka! From the creative team behind the hit release Bullied, Dreaming Maiden is filled with bright-eyed babes who're changed forever from unrelenting degradation and all-night mating presses. Collecting nine vengeful chapters, Aiue Oka's newest collection will soil the purest maidens and succumb to readers' greatest fantasies.

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