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Saimin Seishidou

Saimin Seishidou


1. Saimin Seishidou 1 Obata Yui to Tachibana Daiki no Baai (催眠性指導1 小幡優衣と橘大貴の場合), Comic Market 90 Using hypnosis, Tanaka appoints himself the school's Sexual Counselor, in charge of training the girls of his school how to have sex, all while their boyfriends are watching! 2. Saimin Seishidou 2 Kurashiki Reina no Baai (催眠性指導2 倉敷玲奈の場合), Comic Market 91 Tanaka's adventures continue as he uses his talents to bring Reina, one of the most popular girls at his school, down a peg or two! 3. Saimin Seishidou 2.5 Keika Kansatu (催眠性指導 2・5 経過観察), COMIC1☆11 This busty blonde is looking to get better at sex for her boyfriend, and what better way then to engage in some "sexual counseling" in the men's bathroom for a crowd. Wait, isn't this just sex? N-No, that can't be... 4. Saimin Seishidou 2.75 Taiken Shidou (催眠性指導 2.75 体験指導), Comic Market 92 Tanaka generously offers to train even the girls who lack boyfriends, indulging in a variety of girls and teaching them about sex. 5. Saimin Seishidou 3 Miyajima Sakura to Kase Masafumi no Baai (催眠性指導 3 宮島桜と加瀬正文の場合), Comic Market 93 Tanaka's attentions turn to Sakura Miyajima, president of the kendo club, who begs him to teach her how to get pregnant! 6. Saimin Seishidou 4 Ninshin Taiken Shidou (Shi) (催眠性指導 4 妊娠体験指導(試)), Comic Market 94 Continuing from the events of Hypnotic Sexual Counseling 3, self-elected school sexual counselor Hajime continues his pursuit of Sakura by persuading her to prepare herself for a future of childbearing. When it comes to the point that he is even brought to Sakura's house in order to update her parents on their daughter's progress, Hajime begins to get ideas on his next target after seeing an all-but-alluring Mrs. Miyajima.

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