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Mayonaka Love Alliance

Mayonaka Love Alliance

comedyromanceslice of life

Case 1: Fallen Into a Trap (Otoshiana ni Hamerarete) Hiroto gets hit on by a cute girl, only she turns out to be a guy! A steamy story about a cross-dresser and a guy who likes to be controlled in bed. Case 2: Pinup Boy Masaki works in a bar with a male-only clientele because the pay is good. However, he's uncomfortable at work and his co-worker, Hajime, is a bit of a jerk. What happens when Masaki discovers Hajime's secret...? Case 3: Can't Go a Minute Without You (Yoru mo Hi mo Akenai) Tenma is a rough-and-tumble high student who is constantly fighting with his friend, Yoshio. Growing bored of regular fights, they make a rule that the loser has to bottom for the winner! Case 4: Midnight Love Alliance A love omnibus featuring all kinds of tastes, centered around Bar Iberis, a nightlife hangout Includes a special 4-page epilogue unique to the digital edition.

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