Kouchuugun Shikan, Boukensha ni Naru

Kouchuugun Shikan, Boukensha ni Naru


When Imperial Galactic Navy Officer Alan Corinth's spaceship is downed in a sudden attack during hyper-space travel, he miraculously emerges as the sole survivor. Stranded on a nearby planet with a ship in ruins and no means of navigation, Alan relies on his symbiotic nanomachines, Nanom, to brave the unknown. Venturing forth on this primitive world via an escape pod, he discovers a society of humans bearing a striking resemblance to his own genetic makeup. Adapting to a realm of swords and sorcery, Alan forges unexpected bonds with his fellow inhabitants while grappling with his alien surroundings. As he navigates this medieval realm with a sci-fi twist, Alan's journey of survival and self-discovery unfolds in a realm where the boundaries between technology and magic blur.

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