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Boku no Mama-chan (43) Kaihatsu Nikki

Boku no Mama-chan (43) Kaihatsu Nikki

comedy · hentai · romance

When seasoned actor Mamoru "Mama-chan" Maeda first stepped onto the set of his new crime drama, Dark Panther, he thought the only part he would have to play was that of experienced detective Inspector Kinoda. However, his rather persistent co-star, Christopher Shirasu, has other ideas. Shirasu is an avid follower of fan culture, spending hours scrolling through his social media tags, looking at art created by his fans, and obsessing over reading fanfiction. After spending so much time engaging with the desires of the drama's most enthusiastic demographic, Shirasu has become rather strict with Maeda about his expectations—he needs to give fans what they want. Ensuring that the two toe the perfect line between close friendship and homosexual romance, Shirasu is determined to make sure that the hashtag "#shiramama" will continue to trend—regardless of any "ship wars."

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