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Tenshi no Sasayaki wa Akuma wo Otosu

Tenshi no Sasayaki wa Akuma wo Otosu


When humans die, their names are added to a list of prospective employees who will work as either angels or demons. The only two employers in the afterlife are Akuma Shouji, consisting of demons and specializing in human temptation, and Ange Company, housing angels and providing holy guidance. Successful candidates from both companies are put to work in a mysterious "business town." Chihiro Kuroishi and Kei Hoshiuchi were coworkers in their previous life; the two passed away after a night full of passionate sex together. Despite his devilish personality, Hoshiuchi is hired as an angel, whilst the kind Kuroishi is forced to become a demon. When rumours begin to spread regarding the pair's disgraceful deaths and their ongoing romantic relationship, dangers arise that may harm them both. Meanwhile, Kenji Arima is an investigator who bears a deep grudge against all demons. When his section manager tasks him with aiding a demon, the incubus Yukichika Saeki, he is far from pleased. But as he spends days in a greenhouse with Saeki, its caretaker, he learns the tragic truth behind the demon's death—and new feelings are awakened within the cold-hearted angel. In this twisted world of angels and demons, those who work together may have vastly different stories to tell about their former lives. Individuals need to face up to their pasts, the present, and the afterlives that lay ahead of them.

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