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Yuki Onna to Kani wo Kuu

Yuki Onna to Kani wo Kuu

drama ยท romance

As the cicadas chirp on a hot summer day, a man prepares to hang himself in his apartment. Unable to follow through with his plan, he lazes about and watches television to pass the time. However, when a special program about seafood from Hokkaido comes on, the man realizes that he has never once eaten crab. Determined to partake in the luxurious cuisine before his life ends, the man plans to travel to Hokkaido using the last of his money. Unfortunately, the trip costs a bit more than he expected. Unemployed and lacking any valuable possessions to speak of, the man ponders taking out a loan. While wandering around lost in thought, he bumps into a high-class housewife. Taking notice of the grand diamond ring on her finger, the man makes up his mind. Deciding that robbery is his best bet, he trails the woman and forces himself into her house. And yet, before he even has the chance to extort her valuables from her, the woman offers him both her cash and her body.

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