Hakui no Tenshi wa Osewazuki! Love Love Ecchi na Nyuuin Seikatsu

Hakui no Tenshi wa Osewazuki! Love Love Ecchi na Nyuuin Seikatsu


Ryou, a key player in Soukou Gakuen's renowned soccer team, was training for the upcoming summer tournament qualifiers when a series of encounters altered his life's course. While jogging one evening, he assisted various individuals in need, including an elderly woman, a ramen-loving stranger, and victims of harassment. However, a fateful encounter with a woman resembling his deceased sister led to a selfless act that left him gravely injured. Awakening in the hospital with multiple fractures, Ryou found himself under the attentive care of the very woman he had saved. Surrounded by her and the three other women he had encountered earlier, all now working at the hospital, Ryou's existence took a surreal turn. In a private room, these caring women attended to his every requirement, from basic needs to more intimate desires. Amidst this unexpected scenario, one could only ponder: how long could anyone resist the allure of such devoted angels in white?

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