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Master Piece

Master Piece


1. 3Piece: Winter (3Piece -Winter-); Comic ExE 06 2. 3Piece: Spring (3Piece -Spring-); Comic ExE 07 3. 3Piece: Summer (3Piece -Summer-); Comic ExE 08 4. 3Piece: Summer After (3Piece -Summer After-); Comic ExE 09 5. 3Piece: Autumn (3Piece -Autumn-); Comic ExE 10 6. 3Piece: After Party (3Piece -After Party-); kakioroshi 7. 3Piece: Hitokakera (3Piece -ひとかけら-); Comic X-Eros #02 8. 3Piece: Futakakera (3Piece -ふたかけら-); Comic X-Eros #03 9. 3Piece: Sankakera (3Piece -さんかけら-); Comic X-Eros #06 10. Seejungfrau (Seejungfrau); Comic X-Eros #13 11. Dornröschen (Dornröschen); Comic X-Eros #26 12. Dreams Come True (Dreams Come True); Comic X-Eros #28 13. De tres piezas: PRIMERA (De tres piezas -PRIMERA-); Comic ExE 02 14. De tres piezas: CERO (De tres piezas -CERO-); Comic ExE 03 15. De tres piezas: SEGUNDA (De tres piezas -SEGUNDA-); Comic ExE 04

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