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In the realm of espionage, the operative codenamed 'Twilight' dedicates himself to preserving peace in Westalis. Tasked with thwarting extremist factions from igniting conflict with Ostania, Twilight, a skilled spy, embarks on a high-stakes mission. His objective: investigate Ostanian politician Donovan Desmond through his son's school, the esteemed Eden Academy. To maintain his cover, Twilight must assume an unfamiliar role – that of a husband and father. Enter 'Loid Forger,' who swiftly recruits the orphan Anya to pose as his young daughter and prospective Eden Academy student. Seeking a faux spouse, Loid enlists the unwitting office worker Yor Briar, unaware of her dual identity as the deadly assassin known as the 'Thorn Princess.' As the Forgers navigate their intricate charade, they discover that Anya harbors extraordinary abilities as an esper, a result of clandestine experiments granting her telepathic powers. Despite learning the truth about her new guardians, Anya keeps their covert personas a secret, relishing in the excitement of having spy parents. Under the facade of a fabricated family, comprised of a spy, an assassin, and an esper, the Forgers must juggle their individual missions while masquerading as a united front. As deception intertwines with genuine connection, these unconventional allies realize that bonds forged in deceit may hold unforeseen truths about the essence of family.

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