E-Rank no Kusurishi

E-Rank no Kusurishi


Although viewed as an inadequate healer, Carol values her companions in the adventuring group. Despite enduring constant belittlement and demands for more from them, Carol remains optimistic and devoted until they cast her aside. Stranded far from her village with no means to return to her apothecary, the E-rank healer grapples with the harsh reality of her situation. Vulnerable to the dangers of the wilderness without resources for protection, Carol's fortunes shift when she saves the renowned S-rank magic swordsman, Kaido. Grateful for her aid, Kaido offers to safeguard her journey back home. Along the way, Carol's diverse expertise and quick thinking prove invaluable in their encounters, catching Kaido's attention. Impressed by her capabilities, Kaido extends an invitation for Carol to accompany him on his travels, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the underestimated healer.

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