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Kuro Ouji no Iinari ni Naranai!

Kuro Ouji no Iinari ni Naranai!


The new transfer student suddenly gets him off…. Hime Makoto, nicknamed “the prince” – who aspires to be like the hero in a shoujo manga – is one of the most popular people in his school. However, when Ouji Arata transfers to his school, things change completely. It’s because Ouji treats Hime like a princess! Although he wants to become the hero, Hime has his face lifted by the chin, is pinned to the wall, and carried bridal style…. everything that happens to him is just like in a shoujo manga!! To top it all off, he is exposed as a virgin and is no match for Ouji in sex techniques either! The ex-prince’s frustrations never cease in this slapstick romantic comedy.

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