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Koakuma wa Ore no Iinari

Koakuma wa Ore no Iinari


Anthology about the many types of people you can meet within the porn industry and beyond. • Koakuma wa Ore no Iinari Kuroya Rui is a talented porn star who does not care how many partners he has on a daily basis or how many he has in bed at the same time. One night, after his filming, he meets Eak who claims to be a incubus wanting to seduce Rui. What will happen when Rui decides to play Eak's game? • Samenai Yume Nara Nando Demo College student Hayato wanted to try something different, so he became a porn star. Little did he know that he would be monopolized by his very own porn star teacher. • Catch up High school student Rintarou lets men do whatever to his body for money. But what happens when he meets runaway Yuuma from another famous rich school?

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