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Munetaka-sama no Dame Maid

Munetaka-sama no Dame Maid


In order to support his poor family, the clumsy Banri began working at the Shishido’s lavish mansion as a maid. But he constantly makes mistakes and ends up crying everyday. With an overwhelming princely and gentle aura that tricks the women in the estate, the eldest son Munetaka encourages him and makes him feel better. However, after breaking a heirloom plate, their relationship turned weird!!! The once kind Munetaka demanded, “spread your legs as an apology,” with a suggestive expression! Like this, young master Munetaka began innocently teasing Banri. And thus began the days where Banri wanted to shout “Enough alreadyyyy~~~!!!” Days of a cunning sadistic prince’s abuse of authority and sexual harassment on a naive sexy maid.

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