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Asoko Araiya-san!

Asoko Araiya-san!

comedy · drama · hentai · romance

Male student Sota Tsukishima begins working at his family's public bathhouse as a back washer. While concealing her true identity, Sota's classmate Aoi Yuzuki visits the bathhouse. A relationship between the two begins to develop when Sota washes Aoi's back. Volume 1: Asoko Araiya-san!: Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de!? (アソコ洗い屋さん!〜俺とアイツが女湯で!?〜) Volume 2: Asoko Araiya-san!: Shower-shitsu de Nureru Honnou (アソコ洗い屋さん!〜シャワー室で濡れる本能〜) Volume 3: Asoko Araiya-san!: Sukidarake no Naka ni Sosoide (アソコ洗い屋さん!〜好きだらけのナカに注いで〜) Volume 4: Asoko Araiya-san!: Hekigan Girl to Ikasekko (アソコ洗い屋さん!~碧眼ガールとイカせっこ~) Volume 5: Asoko Araiya-san!: Biyaku de Mezameru Kyuuai Shoudou (アソコ洗い屋さん!~媚薬で目覚める求愛衝動~) Notes: - Originally serialized as a web manga under the title Asoko Araiya no Oshigoto: Kataomoi Chuu no Aitsu to Onnayu de (アソコ洗い屋のお仕事〜片想い中のアイツと女湯で〜). - Simultaneously released in long-strip format for mobile reading with each chapter split into 3-4 ‘episodes’.

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