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Mama Naranai Onna-tachi

Mama Naranai Onna-tachi


1. Hatsu Goukon wa Mama Naranai! (εˆεˆγ‚³γƒ³γ―γƒžγƒžγͺらγͺい!); 2016-05 Hiro is pumped up since it's he is about to go to a mixer for the first time. However, his excitement dies as soon as he finds out that his mom is also attending said mixer. Unfortunately, the other participants decide to pair him up with her... 2-5. Cooking Pakopakoβ™₯ (クッキングパコパコβ™₯); 2016-07, 11, 2017-02, 05 Shuichi is sad since his confession got turned down. Fortunately, his mom invited her hot friends for a cooking lesson, with him being designated as a helper, so it won't take him long to forget his high-schooler crush in favour of the older women. 6. Candy ga Osuki? (γ‚­γƒ£γƒ³γƒ‡γ‚£γŒγŠε₯½γοΌŸ); 2016-02 A student heard rumours that as long as one asks the new school nurse if she likes candy, she will show him a good time. As such, he decides to investigate. 7. Shinkyuu Ura Course (鍼灸裏コース); 2015-08 A pair of high-achieving women visits an 'acupuncture beauty treatment clinic' that they got addicted to recently thanks to the clinic's exceptional service.

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