Cupid ni Rakurai

Cupid ni Rakurai


In the midst of a rainy encounter, Shingo thrives on his knack for uncovering crushes and preferences, trading his services for food among classmates. With a flawless track record, this freshman year's Cupid embarks on his most challenging task yet: delving into the enigmatic Ao from the senior class. Fully prepared for the task, Shingo never anticipated the success that would lead him to unravel the layers of the elusive Ice Prince from the sophomore year. Meanwhile, at the public bathhouse where Taira works part-time, his delight knows no bounds amidst the muscled patrons. Familiar with the regulars and their physique, Taira's world shifts when Ryunosuke enters, redefining what true 'superior muscle tone' entails. Taira's job takes an unexpected turn for the better as he delves into this newfound fascination.

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