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Rakka Ryuusui no Hoshi

Rakka Ryuusui no Hoshi

drama · romance · slice of life

Akihito Kuze used to have such a radiant smile; his face would glow and the warmth of his grin was contagious. But ever since moving into his parents' manor, that gleaming smile is nowhere to be seen. What's more, every night, there are shady men coming and going, in and out of Akihito's home... Gotaro Sumeragi is the handsome young patrol officer assigned to put an end to any vices occurring in the Manor. And for this purpose, Sumeragi's crafty Superior Officer arranges for Gotaro to move right into the wolf's den: the Kuze Manor! Will things become easier for Gotaro now that his prime subject is quite literally in the next room? Or will cohabiting makes things a little more... complicated? And... will Gotaro ever be able to see Akihito's warm smile?

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