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1. Mahoutsukai no Birthday​ (魔法使いのバースデイ, The Wizard's Birthday) A man and woman are stuck at the office. It is the woman's 30th birthday and for a bit believes she is a wizard since she is a virgin. After trying to return her shoe and some groping, the man tells her how he feels. 2. Arasa Seikotsuin no Jikenbo (アラサ整骨院の事件簿) 3. Black Smith 4. Secret Base 5. Toshimania (としまにあ) 6. Ne no Koku no Ina (子の刻のイナ) 7. Ushidoki (うしドキ) 8. Glass-Eater 9. Dragon Rage (ドラゴンレイジ) 10. Koukou (荒蛟) 11. Wild Horse (ワイルドホース) 12. Mayoiga (マヨヒガ)

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