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Usagi-chan, Doshikori Moushiagemasu

Usagi-chan, Doshikori Moushiagemasu


Trying to relax, Mitsuomi goes to a man-boob pub, where he meets Megu-kun – who has big pecs, a big ass, and an erotic body – and falls in love at first sight. If you rub his sunken-in nipples, Megu-kun gets hard!? He’s not good at the real thing, but if it’s comfort sex…it’s okay? A fluffy and sexy story!! Contains One-Shot Stories: The One Who Confessed to Me Has a Fetish When the one who confesses to you has a fetish, you either roll with it or…get off on it? Watch as these two high school students learn about each other on a far, far deeper level. Fancy Bed, Sweet Sex. Extra: Playing Prostitute

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