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Ore to Kachou no Shujuu Kankei

Ore to Kachou no Shujuu Kankei

hentai · romance

1-5) Ore to Kachou no Shujuu Kankei: Taiga's a young employee who gets wasted one night while drinking with colleagues. He runs into his boss Sakaki in the restroom, who won't stop staring at his member. Sakaki even goes as far as to ask if that's normal size. Does trouble ensue after he drags Taiga into a stall and takes off his pants! ? 6-8) Sugar and Milk Taro Tanaka's an average Joe who asks out Kanade, the cute waitress at a cafe he often visits. On their first date, she invites him to a motel!? As Taro's losing his mind in bed, Kanade lifts her skirt to reveal something incredibly unexpected!! Two stories included, one featuring an aggressive bottom and the other a cross-dressing top!!

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