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Adam no Rokkotsu

Adam no Rokkotsu

drama · psychological · romance · slice of life

The amusement park is where the most unusual of characters can meet. However, Yuuma Hirose does not expect to witness a child kidnapping during his job there as a mascot. Quick on his feet, Yuuma gives chase and manages to save the child. When the kidnapper tries to escape, janitor Kazuha Shikiori expertly subdues the perpetrator just in time. The two park employees easily strike up a friendship, which is convenient since Kazuha has been assigned to be Yuuma's new roommate at the staff dormitory. Come morning, Kazuha is not who he seems anymore: his kind smile and friendly attitude are replaced by harsh words and a forceful manner—as though he has become a completely different person. Yuuma has much more to learn about his peculiar friend, particularly Kazuha's variously distinctive personalities.

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