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Giselle-ssi-ui Pi

Giselle-ssi-ui Pi


In the manor atop Rose Hill, Giselle Nathan lives each day in torment and loneliness, trapped by the vows of marriage to her abusive husband, Carter. By day, she is a virtuous and obedient wife, and by night, her only purpose is to spread her legs at her husband's every whim. One night, Giselle stumbles upon the dark secret of Rose Hill: a black-haired boy with piercing yellow eyes, whose true form is revealed from drinking her blood—a handsome vampire who has been imprisoned and starved for years by Carter's family. Giselle is moved by his sorrowful eyes, and she cannot help but believe that she has found a kindred soul. But pursuing that connection only leads her down a path of forbidden love, carnal lust, and deep thirst for blood.

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