Old-Fashioned Cupcake

Old-Fashioned Cupcake

romanceslice of life

Despite his respected position at work, 39-year-old Sanae Nozue finds his life dull and routine. He shies away from advancement, preferring the solace of his home after a long day. Nozue, feeling stagnant in his ways, resists the idea of exploring new horizons. Observing him closely, his ambitious junior, Minoru Togawa, extends an invitation to partake in unconventional activities. Together, they venture into traditionally feminine pastimes, forsaking typical masculine pursuits. Amidst their escapades, the duo frequents trendy eateries and delves into heartfelt conversations. In a society that questions such behavior between colleagues, their camaraderie appears unconventional. However, these shared experiences might just be the catalyst for Nozue to break free from his midlife crisis, discovering newfound joys in life, particularly in confections and romance.

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