Agnyeoneun Molaesigyeleul Doedollinda

Agnyeoneun Molaesigyeleul Doedollinda


As Aria Roscente faces her execution, the crowd celebrates the demise of a notorious villainess. Born from humble beginnings, Aria's life transformed when her mother wed a nobleman, leading her to indulge in wealth and exploit her status. Meanwhile, her virtuous sister, Mielle, endured years of hardship alongside her wayward sibling. However, at the brink of death, Aria uncovers a shocking revelation—her sister orchestrated her downfall. Awakening in the past with a mysterious hourglass, Aria is consumed by a singular purpose: revenge. Armed with foresight and the ability to manipulate time, she vows to claim all that once belonged to Mielle, from the respect of their noble father to the love of her betrothed. Determined to exact retribution, Aria navigates a treacherous path, willing to deceive and manipulate, all while concealing her true intentions with a cunning facade.

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