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Yakuza wo Shibatte Ii desu ka?

Yakuza wo Shibatte Ii desu ka?

hentai Β· romance

Rui is a rope artist who works in the adult industry. Rui does not have good luck with his friends-with-benefits. Rui is horny. Rui's fantasy is to meet a man who is sexy and just beefy enough with a lonely air behind his downcast eyes. But for him, it was just that: a fantasy. So will he believe his luck when the man of his dreams comes knocking at the door, asking for Rui? And what's more: this hunky, well- built dream man (named Shin Natori) has to stay with Rui for the indefinite future...! Rui can't sleep... But maybe he shouldn't, considering Natori is on the run from a dangerous yakuza boss! What kind of business has Rui been roped into!?

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