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19-sai no Porno Endeavor

19-sai no Porno Endeavor


Nagi Shinonome, a college student who loves reading erotic novels in sports newspapers, met with his admired erotic novelist, Tatsuo Shidou. Shidou treats him like a child and swears that he could make him cum with just a kiss. And it turns out, Shidou's kiss technique was truly outstanding!!! Since the first day that they met, they went as far as intercrural sex, and Shidou even utilized it to produce a story which got him a new serialization! "Be my assistant and cooperate with me to produce the story, perverted brat." "Stop calling me a brat, old man!" From intercrural sex to 69ing, Shidou's mature adult's way of erotic advancement is giving Nagi even more expectations instead!

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