Bone Collection

Bone Collection


Born into the esteemed Jinnai clan of exorcists, Kazami, the youngest son, struggles to meet expectations. Lacking proficiency in magic and combat, he's deemed inept by his family. Despite harboring the forbidden 'Youkai Spell' that borrows youkai powers, Kazami is forbidden to use it due to strict inter-racial rules. A chance encounter with the alluring yet mysterious youkai, Paira, changes his fate. By invoking the forbidden spell to save her, Kazami unveils Paira's true identity as the formidable 'Gashadokuro' youkai. Paira, weary of her existence, seeks Kazami's help to become human, offering marriage in exchange for his aid. Accepting the pact, Kazami gains newfound strength and a purpose as he navigates a clandestine relationship with Paira, concealing their bond from the prying eyes of the exorcist society.

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