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α ga α wo Daku Houkou

α ga α wo Daku Houkou


In "Alpha", a high-class host club where only the most handsome, most well-bred alpha tops are available for rent, number one host Ruka Kitami does his best to seem as effortlessly cool as possible. On the other hand, there's the new kid, number two host Leo, who doesn't have to pretend to be effortlessly cool - he just is. Now, what happens if one of their dear customers demands these two alphas take each other to bed? Notes: - Includes the one-shot "Omae Konomi no Ore wa Dore?" (お前好みの俺はどれ?, Which Me Do You Like the Most?). - Includes the one-shot "Himegoto Renbo" (秘事恋慕, Secret Love)

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