Hakaishin Magu-chan

Hakaishin Magu-chan

comedyfantasyslice of life

When the Chaos Cult summoned the God of Destruction, Magu Menueku, it ignited a cataclysmic battle that threatened humanity's existence. To protect the world, the valiant Holy Knights sealed Magu within a Holy Sealing Crystal. Millennia later, Ruru Miyanagi, a cheerful middle schooler, accidentally unearths the crystal while clam digging, setting Magu free from his ancient confinement. Surprisingly, instead of fearing him, Ruru embraces Magu as a friend, endearingly naming him 'Magu-chan.' Now awakened, Magu relies on Ruru's care to reclaim his strength and formidable form. Through their unlikely bond, Magu delves into the human realm he once sought to obliterate, uncovering the beauty and complexities that challenge his destructive purpose.

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