Yuujin Character wa Taihen desu ka?

Yuujin Character wa Taihen desu ka?

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At first glance, Ryuuga appeared like the quintessential anime protagonist to me. However, that initial impression soon solidified into certainty. He remains tight-lipped about his past and frequently skips class, returning exhausted with blood on his lips and torn uniform. Notably, Ryuuga is always surrounded by a bevy of beauties: the school idol Yukimiya Shiori, the skilled swordswoman Aogasaki Rei, and the enigmatic transfer student Elmira McCartney. It's exhausting for me to witness these encounters, prompting me to awkwardly question their connections to Ryuuga. But why do I persist? Because I, Kobayashi Ichirou, excel at being a loyal friend. My purpose in life is to support Hinomori Ryuuga, the epitome of protagonists, as his steadfast companion. And so, the romantic comedy featuring the dynamic duo of best friends, Ryuuga and Kobayashi Ichirou, begins!

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