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Soshite Mata Kiss wo Shite

Soshite Mata Kiss wo Shite


In middle school, Kouichi Harukawa was traumatized after being outed as gay and subsequently ostracized by his classmates. As such, he chose to attend a high school outside his prefecture with the hope that he would never encounter anyone from his past. However, in Harukawa's second year, an incoming first-year student catches his eye. It is Kaoru Koga, his junior from middle school who immediately explains the reason why he attended such a remote school—he has been chasing after Harukawa. Harukawa only wishes to forget his middle school days, but Koga is a remnant from the past that refuses to leave him alone. And then, after a tense confrontation, Koga kisses Harukawa, reminding the latter of what the two once shared.

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