Akunin no Koi

Akunin no Koi


After enduring the loss of his family and witnessing his kingdom crumble, Luciano, the grieving prince, transforms into a vengeful demon. Consumed by a desire for retribution, he confronts the queen of the enemy nation, Alana, expecting her to fear for her life. Surprisingly, she requests her own demise instead. Stripped of his satisfaction, Luciano initially seeks to torment Alana. However, their increasing closeness leads his animosity to evolve into an unsettling fixation, compelling him to spare her life for the sake of his vendetta. Justifying his actions under the guise of revenge, Luciano finds himself drawn to Alana, even as she longs for release. As the Prince of vengeance clashes with the Queen yearning for death, they find themselves entangled in a haunting past, unsure of the future that awaits them.

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