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Onnanoko ga Daicha Dame desu ka?

Onnanoko ga Daicha Dame desu ka?

comedy · ecchi · romance · slice of life

Twenty-four-year-old Mitsuki is a proper yet cute company worker who has dated plenty of guys. However, when her boyfriends pat her on the head, caress her cheeks, and say heart-racing lines, she ends up shuddering at these heart-pounding actions instead...! Unable to enjoy the "ordinary happinesses of women" and unable to date anyone for long, Mitsuki has reached the age of 24... "This next relationship will be the end of that!" Declaring as much, Mitsuki started going out with her current boyfriend, the handsome 28-year-old elite company worker Shinomiya. Encountering this perfect young man, however, awakened Mitsuki's previously hidden nature...

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