Manghal Gamuneul Sallyeobogetseumnida

Manghal Gamuneul Sallyeobogetseumnida


Once a prestigious lineage, House Elias now languishes in ridicule among the nobility. Determined to reverse their fortune, the family patriarch offers a hefty reward to the child who claims the esteemed title of first scribe. Tara, the unconventional daughter burdened by weight and perceived mediocrity, undergoes a transformative awakening when she rediscovers memories of a past life predicting her family's imminent downfall. With a newfound sense of purpose, she embarks on a journey to rewrite fate by vying for leadership within her lineage. Armed with insights from modern Korean society, Tara crosses paths with the equally formidable second prince, Kyle Amure. As power struggles unfold among rival heirs to the throne, Tara must leverage her intellect and unconventional skills to seize control of House Elias and steer her family away from impending doom.

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