Chitose-kun wa Ramune Bin no Naka

Chitose-kun wa Ramune Bin no Naka

comedydramaromanceslice of life

Insults aimed at Saku Chitose are a dime a dozen. Nicknamed "Class 5's womanizing scumbag," he is constantly slandered online by those jealous of his popularity. Luckily, that barely makes a dent in Saku's confidence. Outside niche internet forums, he is the reputable figure his schoolmates admire and a model student his teachers trust. As his second year of high school commences, Saku reunites with his old friends and befriends new ones, all belonging to the school's social elite. However, the fun is cut short when Saku's homeroom teacher instructs him to convince his shut-in classmate, Kenta Yamazaki, to return to school. Wishing to wrap things up quickly, Saku visits Kenta's house the very next day. But the task proves more challenging than he expected when he discovers that Kenta is firmly and fully on the Saku hate train. If he wants to preserve his impeccable image, Saku must find a way to win over Kenta and bring him back to school.

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