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Sonna ni Iu nara Daiteyaru

Sonna ni Iu nara Daiteyaru

comedy · romance

Shinobu Urakawa is a dull office worker in the daytime, but at night, he turns into a playboy who can seduce any guy with a glance. He’s a top enjoying his double life… until Hikaru Omoteya, the detestable narcissistic “prince” of the sales department, turns up at his favorite gay bar. Even though Hikaru is straight, he seems to enjoy the bar and keeps coming back, preventing Shinobu from enjoying his usual nightlife. But Shinobu realizes that Hikaru looks interested in him, and decides to use his charm as a weapon to regain his night oasis! “I bet you were actually waiting for me to approach you.” Will the pretty prince be able to resist him?

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