Chihiro-kun wa, Atashi Holic.

Chihiro-kun wa, Atashi Holic.

romanceslice of life

Following a childhood scare, Michi Nagihara strives to blend in to avoid drawing attention. One fateful night, she encounters a captivating stranger who claims she inspires him and requests her to disrobe. Escaping the odd encounter, Michi dismisses it as a dream until she meets the boy, Chihiro Ayano, at school the next day. Discovering he is a young apprentice designer, Chihiro apologizes for his earlier behavior but stuns Michi by declaring his love at first sight and suggesting a collaboration. Encouraged by Michi's partnership, Chihiro designs to accentuate her allure and boost her confidence, while Michi aims to showcase his creations. Amidst their creative synergy, a vulnerable side of Chihiro surfaces, and Michi cherishes his affectionate gestures privately, wanting to keep their connection intimate.

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