Odoriba ni Skirt ga Naru

Odoriba ni Skirt ga Naru


Kiki Haruma, with a penchant for all things cute and feminine, harbors a deep desire to play the follower role in ballroom dancing, a traditionally female position. However, being a tall student in an all-girls high school, she is deemed unfit for this role. Yielding to societal expectations, Kiki reluctantly embraces the role of a leader instead. In her second year, Kiki is taken aback when her best friend and follower, Shion Nemunoki, abruptly ends their partnership. Fortuitously, Kiki crosses paths with the doll-like and skilled first-year, Michiru Toribami, and proposes to become her leader. To Kiki's astonishment, Michiru desires to lead and expresses irritation at Kiki's assumptions based on appearances. Despite their conflicting aspirations, they discover a remarkable synergy. As Kiki assumes the role of the tall follower and Michiru leads as the petite partner, they embark on a unique dance journey. Amidst societal critique and internal discord, the duo, through their unconventional pairing and fervent dancing, strive to defy conventions and push the boundaries of acceptance.

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