"Kone Love Come ga Sugoi!!" Doudou no Sanmi!

"Kone Love Come ga Sugoi!!" Doudou no Sanmi!

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Himemiya Shin is a high school student who runs the light novel compilation site "Raneko of Light Novel". Through the creation of a certain article, he learns that the author of "This Love Comedy is Amazing", the work that won third place in a recent online novel contest, is the girl he has admired from afar all his life, Kyogetsu Yobun. This work was not a romantic comedy in the strict sense of the word, and it was far from being well written, but it was pushed to third place because it was propelled by a multitude of Internet users. But in reality, all of them were one and the same person: Shin. But when Yobun found out, she didn't get angry and instead asked him to help her write proper romance novels!

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